We lead a movement of positive change

Business Voice
Business Voice We coach awesome people
If you are an executive, entrepreneur or a board member, we can help you unlock your potential, become a stronger strategist, develop your business voice and find your own direction.

By bringing you tools and teaching you techniques used by highly successful organisations, during our coaching sessions you and your team will discover new ways to collaborate, innovate and de-risk your business.

CHANGRSTeam up for change
CHANGRS is a social entrepreneurship challenge event which brings together passionate teams to create strategies that will improve the business model of a local not for profit organisation and help it achieve its present and future goals.

By raising awareness, building business skills, mentoring and crowd-sourcing solutions CHANGRS seeks to build a stronger social entrepreneurship movement in Tasmania.

FilmtroterPopup films for change
Filmtroter is a grass roots itinerant festival that brings documentary screenings to community organisations to inspire positive change.

Our theme this season is resilient farmers and we have selected two educational films to screen in collaboration with organisations like the Huon Producers’ Network, Farm Gate Market and Sustainable Living Tasmania.

Attend one of our screenings of ‘The Market Gardeners toolkit’, and the ‘The Permaculture Orchard, beyond organic’.

What we do

The Change Makers Tasmania is a social enterprise dedicated to lead a movement of positive change through coaching and events. Supported on our lean philosophy, our startup lab is constantly testing new projects that will help the leaders we work with innovate in business and think outside the box.

We are a hands-on team designing, testing and managing every one of our projects in-house.  Business Voice, CHANGRS and Filmtroter are three of our latest startups.

What we stand for

We do good to people and the environment, we create, promote and participate in projects that have a strong community contribution. We use the scientific approach: constantly experimenting in search for the best results and we achieve while having fun. We believe in the power of single actions towards social change. We think big.

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Why are we a social enterprise?

  • We are in business to tackle social and environmental problems and benefit our community.
  • We redistribute part or our profit to social and environmental projects.
  • We have a probono program to support not for profit organisations and projects.
  • We create and support social and environmental awareness campaigns.
  • We participate on not for profit organisations board of directors.

What our clients say about us

The Change Makers Tasmania were able to synthesise our ideas and break each idea down into easy-to-achieve, step-by-step componentry. The techniques were simple to follow but immensely helpful because they allowed us to start with broad ideas, then condense them in a targeted way. By accurately identifying our market and distilling the specifics of our product we could then move swiftly towards achieving our goals.
Gideon Cordover, Heart Foundation Tasmania
The lean thinking approach you took us through Marisol, was absolutely necessary and really helped us to view our business from a different perspective. It is so easy to get stuck ‘in’ the business and not look at what you are actually trying to achieve and how best to achieve it. This process has helped us to determine who are customers really are, and what job we are trying to help them get done! Perfect!
Jennifer Robinson, Sprout

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