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Coinventa - Consulting

Training and innovation strategy

Coinventa is a Tasmanian strategy and innovation firm that helps leaders apply creativity to tackle complex problems and drive positive change. Our facilitation, training and design services are designed to be powerful and highly impactful blending techniques from design thinking, lean, sprint and human centred innovation. We can help your team to think creatively about business improvement and development, think outside the box and guide you through the process of reflecting on how to create value for your customers and how to minimize waste in the process of creating it. Using cutting edge frameworks in customer-focused innovation, lean and design thinking, we can help you with: strategic plans, product design and development, customer-centered strategies, customer experience and process improvement. With our services your team will discover new ways to collaborate, innovate, strategyze and de-risk your business.Visit Coinventa’s website…

Foodtrotter, Adventurous foods

Adventurous Foods

Foodtrotter grows the best produce from the world in Tasmania. Using regenerative agriculture practices to produce the healthiest foods and improve our environment while doing it.  Tasmania’s unique climate provides the perfect environment for growing the world’s finest foods and is already famous for its pure fresh foods, pristine growing conditions, artisan food industry and rare foods. Go to Foodtrotter’s webpage…

Filmtroter, Popup Films for Change

An itinerant film festival on social enterprise

Filmtrotter is a grass roots itinerant festival that brings documentary screenings to community organisations to inspire positive change. We promote the discussion of social and environmental business practices through film and networking events, grow the value of social enterprises through community recognition and learning resources, grow the community of social entrepreneurs by presenting successful social enterprise role models that can be emulated. Go to Filmtrotter’s webpage…

Meet me unplugged

A campaign to disconnect from devices and reconnect with one another

Our grassroots campaign encourages people and organisations to disconnect from their devices and reconnect with themselves, each other, their communities and their environment.  We promote the discussion of the impact our devices have in our everyday personal and business connections,  grow the value of being present during our meetings with colleagues, friends and family through awareness and call to action, and grow the community of unplugged entrepreneurs and executives by presenting successful role models that can be emulated.

Go to Meet me Unplugged’s webpage…

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