We are an incubator. We create projects and enterprises of positive impact.

Discover our work through our case studies.

A Strategic Plan for a Tasmanian Not for Profit


The challenge: To develop a stakeholder based strategic plan to guide TSCA over the next three years. The process: For the purpose of developing this strategy, The Change Makers Tasmania interviewed a sample of the [...]

A Strategy for a new Campus


The challenge: To develop a strategy for a new campus that captures the spirit of the institute and is based on what their people want. The process: Through a face-to-face consultation process on their current [...]

From Ideas to Action


The challenge: To design a workshop for creative people with no business background to teach them practical tools to bring their ideas to life and to deliver the workshop during an outdoors festival. The process: [...]

A Strategy for a Campaign to Promote Local Produce


The challenge: To develop a low resource strategy for Tassievore Eat Local Chalenge, a campaign that promotes local produce consumption in Tasmania. The process: For the purpose of developing this strategy, we facilitated a consutlation [...]

The enterprises we are nurturing.

We create in-house projects like Business Voice, CHANGRS, Filmtroter and Meet me Unplugged, and also work with organisations to help them develop their own projects, products and ideas. We are great at strategy and co-creation applied to any kind of for profit or not for profit enterprise.

Business Voice, Coaching and Co-consultancy

Creative Business Coaching and Co-Consultancy

If you are an executive, entrepreneur or a board member, we can help you unlock your potential, become a stronger strategist, develop your business voice and find your own direction. During our coaching sessions you and your team will discover new ways to collaborate, innovate and de-risk your business. Certainty might be easier than you think. Find out more…

Changrs, Team up for Change

A business model design competition for social change

CHANGRS is a social entrepreneurship challenge event that brings together passionate teams to create strategies that will improve the business model of two local not-for-profit organisations, one from north and another one from south, and help them achieve their present and future goals.  By raising awareness, building business skills, mentoring and crowd-sourcing solutions CHANGRS seeks to build a stronger social entrepreneurship movement in Tasmania. Find out more…

Filmtroter, Popup Films for Change

An itinerant film festival on social enterprise

Filmtroter is a grass roots itinerant festival that brings documentary screenings to community organisations to inspire positive change. We promote the discussion of social and environmental business practices through film and networking events, grow the value of social enterprises through community recognition and learning resources, grow the community of social entrepreneurs by presenting successful social enterprise role models that can be emulated. Find out more…

Meet me Unplugged, A campaign to disconnect to reconnect

A campaign to encourage to disconnect from devices and reconnect

Our grassroots campaign encourages people and organisations to disconnect from their devices and reconnect with themselves, each other, their communities and their environment.  We promote the discussion of the impact our devices have in our everyday personal and business connections,  grow the value of being present during our meetings with colleagues, friends and family through awareness and call to action, and grow the community of unplugged entrepreneurs and executives by presenting successful role models that can be emulated.  Find out more…

Meet our team.

We are a team of designers, entrepreneurs, engineers and researchers. We stamp our strong values and believes of positive impact in each or our projects to shape our work and the results we achieve.

Eric Sivret
Eric SivretStrategist of success
A systems thinker, Eric strives for the beauty that lies in the simplicity of well-designed processes and organisations. As an experienced project manager with qualifications in chemical and environmental engineering and accounting, he applies his understanding of business structures, teams, and business systems to help organisations achieve their vision.

15 years of experience in writing and communication has made Eric a firm believer in the power of clear, well written messages. His communication experience has included a wide range of collaborative research projects for The University of New South Wales, as well as providing creative direction and message development for projects delivered for not-for-profits.

Eric’s latest work as an analyst for business intelligence is influencing the way educational organisations give value to their stakeholders.

Marisol Miró Quesada
Marisol Miró QuesadaCo-creator of cool stuff
Designer of all things, a true renaissance woman, no matter the task, she will come up with aw-inspiring, creative and disruptive ideas. With 20 years experience in strategy, design and development, she always puts her skills to good use by contributing to social and environmental causes across industries and borders. Marisol has been responsible for helping to create and boost not for profit and social enterprise brands and impact highly important social and environmental initiatives.

Marisol is an accredited building designer and a first class honors graduate straight out of the local schools of Lima & Sydney. Incredibly she hasn’t stopped studying since ’93 and has a post graduate degree in sustainable development in the built environment, a bachelor of architecture, and diplomas in business management, marketing and events.

We listen, understand, research, collaborate and simplify.

We research

We are constantly interviewing and learning from change makers to understand what is behind their success. We keep on top of new and emerging strategies and tools for creating effective projects.

We simplify

We distill the core essence of successful enterprises into clear, achievable outcomes that you can work towards.

We create

We create tools and guides to support you through the process of achieving your vision.

Organisations we have worked with.

What our clients say about us.

The Change Makers Tasmania were able to synthesise our ideas and break each idea down into easy-to-achieve, step-by-step componentry. The techniques were simple to follow but immensely helpful because they allowed us to start with broad ideas, then condense them in a targeted way. By accurately identifying our market and distilling the specifics of our product we could then move swiftly towards achieving our goals.
Gideon Cordover, Heart Foundation Tasmania
The lean thinking approach you took us through Marisol, was absolutely necessary and really helped us to view our business from a different perspective. It is so easy to get stuck ‘in’ the business and not look at what you are actually trying to achieve and how best to achieve it. This process has helped us to determine who are customers really are, and what job we are trying to help them get done! Perfect!
Jennifer Robinson, Sprout

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