Business Lab



Coinventa provides custom tailored strategic planning expertise and facilitation using co-creative stakeholder-centric processes and a range of innovation techniques like human-centred design, design thinking, feedback 360, HMW, systems thinking, lean, TPS, and sprint. Organisations Coinventa has worked with since starting up in 2012 include Avansys, Salkantay Partners, Sprout Tasmania, Tasmanian Dpt. State Growth, Tasmanian School Canteens Association, 24Carrot (MONA), Okines Community House, DIGnity, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture.



 QoL -architectural design tailored to you- has since its inception produced uncompromising quality. QoL's creates enduring architecture that is uniquely each client and works to understand and interpreting their needs and desires to deliver an outstanding building and experience.
Using human centred design techniques QoL's team are experts at de-risking projects, innovating, and improving buildings user experience. 



 Foodtrotter - adventurous foods - is  a food start-up in Dodges Ferry, Tasmania, founded in 2015. It has since experimented with new crops to the southern region, and with chemical free small scale high yield production.  We aim to grow the best produce from the world in Tasmania using regenerative growing practices to produce the healthiest foods while improving our environment.  

Green Greens


  What if you could grow the microgreens you wanted, the punchy flavours you love, the striking colours and textures you like? What if you could grow them locally, spray free, with certified organic inputs and get the freshest harvest delivered to you all year round? Green Greens Microgreens – big flavour in tiny leaves – is a quality and nutritious produce start-up that has been growing microgreens since 2015.  

Organic Guru


 Organic Guru -ethical, fair, & soft as- was founded in 2017 by M. Miro Quesada during her pregnancy. At that time, Marisol found it very difficult to find great, simple ethically-organic-made infant and kids' garment basics, especially in gender neutral designs. Drawing upon her decade long experience in the fashion industry, she set about curating her own collection. 




Filmtrotter - pop up films for change - is a Tasmanian grass-roots decentralized festival that brings pop-up documentary screenings to community organisations to inspire positive change. Each year Filmtrotter curates a selection of films and invites 6+ community-based organisations, schools, local governments, and NFPs, to collaborate with in screenings that will stimulate learning, discussion, and serve as an opportunity to support social and environmental causes and educate about them.

The Inflammation Foundation


The Inflammation Foundation is a NFP start-up founded in 2019 with the aim to promote the prevention and control of inflammation to the human body. With an unconventional business model, its focus is to advocate, support, educate, foster research, and support initiatives to reduce or eliminate environmental sources of inflammation while maintaining independence over its funding sources and research. 

Brainstorm Mornings


Every month Brainstorm Mornings invites a NFP organisation that is  working towards solving a complex social or environmental problem and  helps tackle it through facilitating a sprint brainstorm session that  crowdsources creative ideas from the event attendees. Since its beginnings in 2016 has hosted 10+ events.