Project Description


Popup films for change


We believe in the power of communities leading their own change. That’s why we have created Filmtrotter. Our itinerant festival brings screenings to community organisations to inspire positive change. It is disruptive, mobile, grassroots and goes wherever a community is willing to bring it, support it and fill in a small venue of people open to new ideas and fun conversation. Our theme this season is resilient farmers and we have selected two educational films to screen in collaboration with organisations like the Huon Producers’ Network, Farm Gate Market and Sustainable Living Tasmania. To participate you can collaborate with us to bring a film to your community or attend one of our screenings of ‘The Market Gardeners toolkit’, and the ‘The Permaculture Orchard, beyond organic’.

Filmtrotter’s mission

  • Promote the discussion of social and environmental business practices through film and networking events.
  • Grow the value of social enterprises through community recognition and learning resources.
  • Grow the community of social entrepreneurs by presenting successful social enterprise role models that can be emulated.

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